Sunday, May 2, 2010

I'm back

So I believe it's been about a year, or just over, right? I'm going to start doing this again. Why? I have no idea. Will anyone read this? I doubt it. But, I need to keep these creative writing juices going.

First off, I have made two pairs of socks successfully for The Boy. The first two socks were not the same size, but luckily, his feet aren't either. The second pair is much closer. I have just cast on a third pair this afternoon. I'm anticipating a long wait in a waiting room on Wednesday and figured a sock would be easy to pack along. Though, come to think on it, I also have a second mitten that needs finishing...... After the second pair of socks, I had an entire skein of yarn left. It was so soft and warm as socks, I reckoned I'd make a pair of mittens. I've had to design my own, based off a pattern I found on Ravelry. I lost the pattern at one point, so, naturally, I began another project, and the mittens got put down. I have since found the pattern, but become obsessed with something else.

Now, you may be thinking, "It's spring, almost summer. You live in Northern California. It gets over 100° there in July/August. Why mittens?" Well, since you asked ;)..... My son has....issues. One of his issues is cold hands and feet, all the time. Even when it's over 100°. This is what spurred me to knit. I needed to make socks that fit his feet and kept him warm without being tight and making his toes purple. This necessity for knitting has become an all-consuming passion. I really enjoy it. It also bears telling that I enjoy a challenge. When I had tried knitting in the past and failed....well, that just didn't set well with my brain. I had to give it a try again. (Just like my homemade macaroni and cheese obsession...but that's another ball of yarn all together).

I will save my new knitting project (besides the socks and mittens :) ) for another post. That way I have something to write about. Plus, it isn't put together yet. I have a hard time with that. The Final Stage. Actually finishing things. I love to plan, and imagine and begin....but finishing..... I have a lovely cross-stitched calendar that I made for myself, gosh, 15 years ago. I still haven't managed to sew the damn thing together yet. I keep saying, "Maybe this year."

Alright. Time to go take care of The Boy and take The Dogs out. Then, try for some sleep. The next few days are busy, but I hope to be back before another year goes by.

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