Friday, December 17, 2010


IT'S FINISHED!!! After a marathon effort, which included an additional trip to Yuba City and the local quilt store, lots of late night and so many puncture wounds I've lost count, the quilt is finished. It's in the dryer now, trying to get rid of all the loose threads. I finished it a new way, for me. The seam allowances are all exposed and snipped so they fray a bit when washed. It's cool, but a little messy with random threads. I may have to send it through the wash and dryer again.

It doesn't matter at this point, though because it's finished. I'm quite impressed with myself. I got it done ahead of schedule! I need it by Sunday. It is done Friday night. This is a true Christmas miracle.

(Never mind that I still have a dress to make for myself....that's completely beside the point).

I am a perpetual procrastinator. I tell the story on myself that, when going through some old school papers of mine, I ran across one of my kindergarten report cards. It said something to the effect that "Lori is a hard worker, if she just didn't leave everything to the last minute." I have been fighting my natural procrastination tendencies for 30 years.

Back to the dress I mentioned before. At this reception on Sunday, all the girls in our assembly are all wearing the same fabric. I have held off on sewing mine and have used all my sewing time on the quilt. Now, I can use my sewing time for my dress. I've got tonight and tomorrow night. Hubby just left to go to Pittsburg for the weekend, so I won't feel guilty about staying up until all hours of the morning sewing. Piece of cake. (Yeah, right).

I hope to get some good pictures of the quilt tomorrow as well. If not, I will get some at the reception on Sunday, after it has been given to our special girl. I'm quite proud of myself. And quite relieved. Whew.

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