Thursday, December 9, 2010

Silent, but busy

I just realized how long it has been since I've posted anything new. I've been working my fingers to the bone, with several puncture wounds to prove it, on my mystery quilt. It is down to the wire now. I have a little over a week to get it finished. The good news is that I've farmed out several quilt squares, so I didn't have to do them all. I have done my fair share, don't get me wrong. I will count up the total tomorrow when I wash and iron them all in preparation for final assembly. I have purchased (what I think it) all the fabric and am now ready to begin putting this darn thing together. I'm a little anxious as I'm trying a technique that is new to me. It should go together much more quickly than a traditional quilt. I am not doing a separate front and back, then quilting them together. I am sewing everything together all at the same time, with the seams exposed (and fringed) on one side. As I have said before, I will post some pictures once the intended recipient has received it, and it is no longer a surprise.

I have to say I'm quite impressed with the improvement in my embroidery skills over the course of this project. Upon its completion, this quilt will be the first one I've done in several years. I learned to sew in 4-H as a child, from my mother. She is a fabulous seamstress, from HER childhood. I didn't like it so much. I think this is due, in part, to my perfectionism. If I can't do something right away well, I get very frustrated. (Gee, and I wonder where The Girl gets that from). Sewing is something that takes time. I have come back to the joy of sewing through quilting, when The Little Man was little. ;) Once The Girl was born, time just kind of evaporated. I also got more into crochet and now knitting. My sewing/cross stitch days have become non-existent with the new love of all things yarn. I'm not a good one for balance in my crafting, apparently. Maybe that can be a resolution for next year. I still owe my soon-to-be five year old nephew a Christmas stocking. maybe this year, after the quilt. No promises though.

Okay, now enough stalling, back to cleaning. 'Tis the season for hosting parties at Chez Rodrigues. Tonight is the first of just two this year. (It's a slow year for us). Hopefully, the next post will be pics of The Quilt, whose appearance date is Dec. 19. Wish me luck!

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