Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I've got to start my socks.  I got a new sock book for Christmas, about knitting two socks at the same time on circular needles.  I keep putting off starting them.  I've got to do it now.  I've vowed I will start, tonight.  Tonight is the weekly meeting of my knit and crochet group I started through the church.  We've been strictly crocheters, but now, a couple of the ladies have decided to try knitting.  One had knit as a child, and was able to pick it back up with no problem.  The other was a total newbie.  She picks things up pretty quickly.  I'm actually thinking of starting a chapter of the Crochet Guild of America or the Knitting Guild.  Or both.  As far as I can tell, there aren't any local chapters.  The closest is Sacramento, which isn't that close.  We'll see.  

I haven't done any work on my second baby blanket.  I haven't finished my cardigan either.  Plus the previously mentioned socks that are non-existent.  Jeesh, I've GOT to get to work.  

I guess I should be doing that instead of this, hm?

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