Friday, October 29, 2010

Alllllllmost there

I am so close, I can taste it. The Girl's sweater is almost done. I'm to the sleeve cap on the second sleeve. Then it's just a matter of sewing it together....again, and adding on the pockets. Just in time for the rain. I didn't work on it quite as much as I had planned during The Little Man's hospital stay. He decided to give me a little scare the first day. He's fine, but his heart rate dropped to about 60 and his respirations were around 5-7 a minute. Just a little too relaxed for my taste. Also, the first day, I was no good to anyone, due to the lack of sleep. The night before surgery, it was a case of.....go to sleep for a bit, *wake up in a panic thinking I've over slept, hitting Hubby to ask the time (the clock was on his side), go back to sleep*, repeat from * until clock reads 4:30 a.m. I spent the rest of the day in a haze. I did work on it down there though. Last night, thanks to my lovely friend, Insomnia, I got to the bottom of the sleeve cap. Now to finish the rest off, which will take longer than I expect, of course.

As for what's coming up next, I have NO idea. Actually, come to think of it, I do. I've got some quilt squares to work on. I won't say m
ore on that due to the surprise factor. (I highly doubt the intended recipient of this quilt even knows about this blog, let alone reads it, but I don't want to tempt the Craft Gods). Only a couple of months and I'll post some pictures.

In the meantime, here is a pic of my last sleeve.

Not a very good one, but progress none-the-less. Don't mind the hair, I still haven't quite got my act together this morning. I'm trying to get excited about helping in The Girl's class this afternoon for the Halloween celebration. I'll get there. I'm also needing to get some more quilt squares cut for tomorrow. I have an all-day Rainbow Girl event that some of my helpers will be at. I'm hoping to off-load some of my quilt-square burden onto them. That it, IF I have quilt squares to give out. :)

Okay, enough delaying. Time to get this day started, even though all I really want to do is build a fire, put in a movie and knit. Did I mention it's raining? Perfect day for crafting. Alas, it was not meant to be. Maybe next week. :)

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