Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Back issues

The reason for the recent blog silence is physical injury. A couple weeks ago, I headed out to Eureka with the fam to attend a workshop by Franklin Habit. On the way home from said vacation, I threw my back out. Since then, I have spent 90% of my time in bed, since sitting and standing really make me hurt. Today, I'm sitting long enough to check my email and Facebook before heading back to bed. The doc told me to double up my meds and see if that helps. If not, it's looking like x-ray/MRI time again. (I had a similar problem back in '07). Nothing much besides exercise (gasp) will help, unfortunately.

As far as crafting goes, last week, I didn't do anything! Ugh. So much for crafting everyday. I think the extenuating circumstances allow for that slip. I have felt up to crafting this week. I am working on a second sock for my Little Man, who is healing quite well from his buckle fracture of two weeks ago. I've got to rip out the sleeves of The Girl's sweater and re-knit them bigger. Ugh. Hopefully, they should work back up pretty quickly, since they are girl sized and not my sized. The unfortunate thing is that I got the sweater all sewn together before I realized the sleeves were too small. :( I won't make that mistake on MY sweater. I plan on pinning the sleeves up and trying them on before I get that far.

Anyways, that's that. My weekend in Eureka was really great! I loved the shop and Franklin. He was very nice and I learned a lot. Enough to want to tackle a lace project, as soon as I get some better needles for that.

Okay, enough sitting for now. Time to take it easy and rip out the second sleeve. The weather's turning and The Girl needs her new duds. Until I can sit again..........

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