Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My weekend

Crafting is still hit and miss with me. I'm trying to get back in the swing of things, getting something done every day. It's been hard. My back is still (figuratively) broken. I go for an x-ray tomorrow, with an MRI in my near future. Hopefully some successful treatment will come of all this.

I'm still working on The Girl's sweater sleeves. The first is almost done, and I think it will fit. My goal is to finish it in the next couple of days so I can try it on Her before the weekend. I will have plenty of time to finish the other this weekend as my Little Man is going in for surgery on Friday and will be in the hospital at least until Sunday. This means, plenty of crafting time for me by his bedside. This surgery, his 8th by my count, is a planned one. He has a pump implanted in his belly, with a catheter running under his skin into his spinal column. It delivers a constant flow of Baclofen, (a muscle relaxer) to help ease his Cerebral Palsy symptoms. My Boy tends to be stiff as a board. The pump has made a HUGE difference in his life. It's hard to believe we've had it now for six years. The window for replacement of the battery on these pumps is anywhere from five to seven years. At his flow rate, we felt six years was a great time to replace it. Barring any unforeseen complications, we should be home Sunday or Monday.

It has been four years since The Little Man has been admitted to the hospital. Quite an accomplishment. In the early years, we were there every few months. It was hard to imagine any other life. Now, it's amazing the life we have without hospitalizations. We actually HAVE a life. We have outside activities that all the members of the house are involved in. This surgery also marks the first time The Girl will experience him being hospitalized in her recollection. She was 3 the last time he was in and doesn't remember it. She's understandably worried, being such a caring soul. We are, by nature and experience, rather non-challant about it and trying to be as casual and non-worried as we can, to help ease her mind. There is always that little "what-if" monster that lives in a shack in the back corner of my mind. He peeks his head out every now and again, throws a few barbs, then retreats. I tend not to listen, except every so often, and usually only very late at night.

Anyway, back to crafting.....I'm sure I'll pack something else in my craft bag, besides The Sweater! Maybe my own! I should block it before I take it though, to make sewing the seams easier. I might leave that for a home project though. Maybe some more hanger covers or dish clothes for the craft faire. We'll see. I'll think about it tomorrow.

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