Friday, September 17, 2010

(almost) failure

The first day of my challenge and I almost didn't make it.  Life happened yesterday and the time I thought I would get to craft, I didn't.  I thought I'd have some extra time last night, before my board meeting, to do a little crochet.  Instead, I had just enough time to eat my dinner.  Then, after my board meeting, I attended a reception and didn't get home until late.  Migraine struck on the drive home, but I managed to crochet a couple of rounds on a padded hanger cover I keep in my purse for those fifteen minute waits we all have.

Today, I'm waiting for my muscle relaxer to kick in before I sit and start to work on my daughter's sweater.  I need to start working on it, because I have to pick up an ton of stitches around the neck for the hood.  And Lord knows that hood isn't going to knit itself!

I would at least like to get the shoulders seamed and possibly the first row or two of the hood started.  My house, unfortunately, also needs some attention.  I've got to do a little here and there, though I doubt my back will allow for much more today.

Staring at my computer screen isn't getting anything done any faster.  Time to get a move on....or at least a shuffle.

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